Defining Early Birds, Night Owls and Hummingbirds

(Part 1 of 3) Most people are familiar with Early Birds, your sibling who calls at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning because they “forgot what time it is” or your co-workers who are already at work even if you get in at the crack of dawn. Not always as recognizable, but distinctive in their […]

Setup A Telecommuting Program Quickly in Five Easy Steps

The most effective and sustainable telecommuting programs are based on each organization’s outcomes, have measurable deliverables and focus on both employees’ and managers’ needs. The result is a program that maximizes returns for the organization and positive impact on telecommuters and their co-workers. These efforts take a deliberate investigation and implementation plan, effective communication and […]

What are the Real Statistics on Office Space Utilization and What Does it Mean?

The estimate of how much office space is typically actively utilized at any point in time varies dramatically depending on who you ask. The American Management Association states that 90% of office space is utilized on a common day. Jones Lang Lasalle supports a 74% utilization rate and Herman Miller, after conducting a survey of […]

Telecommuting and Increased Productivity; Fact or Fiction?

The question about telecommuting’s impact on productivity has been around since the first Roman took his sword home to sharpen it rather than go to the shop. Why is this concept difficult to prove and what are the influences on the discussion? A major issue is that not much of today’s workforce makes widgets anymore. […]

What Does the Economy Have to Do With Telework?

The initial goal of this blog was to point out how the state of the economy impacts telework trends and the specific outcomes that organizations focus on when implementing telework. What we found was that it isn’t as much the specific outcomes that are impacted as the ways in which they are applied. We’ll explore […]

Assessing Yahoo’s Assessment of Telework

The death knells for telework began shortly after Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, cancelled their entire telework program in one broad slash of her executive pen. To some it proved a common perception that unsupervised employees can become unproductive and that collaboration suffers. What did it show to others, such as myself, who is admittedly […]

Teleworkers: Their Equipment Needs & Who Pays

A common set of questions that often come up is what types of equipment do teleworkers need and who is responsible for providing them. The majority of employees have relatively simple needs in regards to the hardware and software that they need. Through employee surveys we have found that most employees already have sufficient hardware […]