Work Suitability Assessment™ Module

Analyze Jobs for Telework
The Work Suitability Assessment Module (WSAM) is WSA Screenshota web-based, interactive tool that analyzes an employee’s job-tasks and collaboration needs for possible inclusion in an effective flexwork program that may include telework, compressed workweek or flexible-schedules. The WSAM also assists managers in evaluating telework performance and IT requirements for specific job-tasks.

The WSAM assesses specific job requirements to determine whether an employee’s job-tasks are suitable for a flexwork arrangement. Employees use this information to identify job-tasks that can be done more productively in a remote environment, and to evaluate their own performance.

Collaboration Needs
The WSAM examines an employee’s need to collaborate with co-workers and customers, ensuring that the level and quality of the collaboration is maintained or enhanced, and that non-flexworking co-workers are supported.

The WSAM assists an employee in demonstrating how their participation in the flexwork program will help their employer meet objectives, while allowing the employee to support managers and co-workers.

circle Web-based interactive assessment tool

circle Instant, customized results

circle Identifies how well an employee’s job-tasks fit flexwork arrangements

circle Analyzes how an employee’s collaboration requirements fit flexwork arrangements

circle Reduces program effort for managers and HR

circle Increases management acceptance and participation

circle Identifies employee performance metrics

circle Provides a real-time calendar feature

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