Social Needs Assessment™ Module

Three Aspects OF Employee Social Needs
The Social Needs Assessment Module (SNAM) is Social Needs Screenshotis an online assessment that examines an employee’s social needs in respect to completing tasks and meeting personal social needs in a telework environment, as well as the impact of telework frequency on these social needs.

Social Needs Definitions
Task Independence: An employee’s ability to work and problem-solve independently with minimal supervision and feedback.

Interpersonal Independence: An employee’s need for social interactions and the level that these needs are met at the workplace.

Telework Frequency: The amount of time an employee will be teleworking, and how that time impacts their task and interpersonal social-needs dynamics.

As part of an employee’s overall ability to effectively telework, task and interpersonal independence are essential, along with the number of days a teleworker will be working remotely. The impact of social needs on an employee’s success in a telework environment can be directly addressed through a thoughtful telework implementation.

For example, a teleworker with a low Task Independence score can address this issue through planned remote collaboration with co-workers and the use of collaboration technology. A teleworker with a low Interpersonal Independence score can address this by augmenting social interaction while teleworking. As the number of days an employee teleworks increases, the need to address any social-needs concerns pinpointed by the SNA becomes more essential.

circle Customizable for organizations with many job types

circle Provides feedback based on type of social need and telework frequency

circle An action plan can be taken to address score, job-type and frequency attributes
job-type and frequency attributes

circle Allows companies or agencies to customize telework programs

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