Remote Worksite Assessment™ Module

Analyze Remote Worksites for Safety & Efficiency
The Remote Worksite Assessment Module (RWAM) is is an online assessment that investigates five areas of an employee’s remote worksite to ensure that work can be completed effectively in a safe environment while meeting all of the critical aspects of an employer’s job-task needs.

Remote Worksite Attributes
Work Area Configuration: Examines the overall configuration of the workspace in order to promote employee efficiency and environmental requirements.

Fire Safety: Ensures that the worksite is organized to avoid potential fire causes and provides for the safety of individuals and essential documents.

Electrical Safety: Ensures that potential electrical hazards are avoided, computer equipment is protected and documentation is secured.

Workstation Ergonomics: Provides the employee with the necessary guidelines to assure that their remote worksite is comfortable, allows them to work efficiently and avoids long-term ergonomic injuries.

Data and Employee Safety: Educates employees about general document and data security as well as employee and family safety.

The RWAM provides feedback on specific elements in each area that do not meet remote worksite guidelines. Remote worksite factors that do not meet satisfactory requirements are actionable and in most cases can be directly addressed by teleworkers. This is a very basic and important element of any telework program regardless of the amount of time an employee will be working remotely, ensuring a safe and productive telework environment.

circle Customizable for organizations with many job types

circle Provides feedback based on type of social need and telework frequency.

circle An action plan can be taken to address score,
job-type and frequency attributes.

circle Allows companies to customize telework programs to meet goals

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