Employee Suitability Assessment™ Module

Analyze Personal Telework Competencies
The Employee Suitability Assessment Module (ESAM) is is an online situational judgment tool that analyzes five critical personal competencies that support employees’ success in a telework environment. The ESA provides employees with customized feedback that can be used as an action-oriented employee and workgroup development tool.

Critical Competencies Assessment
Communication Skills: The ability to understand the communication and collaboration methods that most effectively complete different job-tasks.

Self-Management: The ability to take the initiative to plan and organize work in order to effectively meet project objectives while maintaining a thriving work-life balance.

Remote Relationship: The ability to identify the resources and methods necessary to stay connected with key people at work and maintain workgroup and customer relationships.

Results Orientation: The ability to complete work efficiently and effectively.

Technology: The ability to understand technology and use it effectively.

After an ESA is sufficiently used by a work-group or organization, it can provide overall trends in each of the competency areas, data that is appealing to managers and executive decision-makers.

circle Scientifically-based assessment tool

circle Personalized results

circle Feedback on critical competencies

circle Suitable for public and private employers of all sizes.

circle Can be linked to employees’ Individual Development Plans (IDPs)

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