Online Assessment Module Overview

Work Suitability Assessment Module
Job-Tasks and Collaboration Requirements
circle Job-task evaluation
circle Collaboration need determination
circle Supports effective performance evaluation
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Employee Suitability Assessment Module
Personal Telework Competencies
circle Analyzes 5 critical personal telework attributes
circle Actionable employee feedback
circle Situational Judgement format
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Telework Assessment Screenshot

Designed for most
departments including:
circle IT
circle Engineering
circle Operations
circle Finance
circle Sales
circle Marketing
circle HR and more…

Social Needs Assessment Module
Interpersonal and Task-Based Social Needs
circle Analyzes personal social needs
circle Analyzes work-based social needs
circle Lifestyle recommendations to enhance social needs
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Remote Worksite Assessment Module
Remote Worksites for Safety and Efficiency
circle Evaluates remote worksite suitability
circle Productive work environment
circle Proper ergonomics
circle Safe work environment
circle Data and document security
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