Our Team

Rick Albiero
Rick Albiero is the founder and CEO of the Telecommuting Advantage Group. The Telecommuting Advantage Group (TAG) Rick Albierois a world leader in creating successful telecommuting programs for large and small organizations.

Prior to founding TAG, Rick spent 13 years specializing in engineering, project management information technology and marketing within Hewlett-Packard. During his tenure at HP, Rick initiated a successful telecommuting program within one of HP’s large business groups.

Early in the year of 2000, during the U.S.’ economic peak, Rick began to research the high costs of peoples’ daily commutes on their quality of life, their productivity at work and the negative effects on society and communities as a whole. During this time, Rick learned that the successful launch of HP’s telecommuting program had been cancelled – not due to technological shortcomings, but due to breakdowns caused by unidentified and unaddressed individual attributes of the people telecommuting.

Rick identified the need for an integrated approach to telecommuting that addressed not only the technical challenges but also the culture of the organization implementing the telecommuting program as well as the personal attributes of the individuals and their managers. Following his passion around people’s quality of life, Rick started the Telecommuting Advantage Group in the fall of 2000.

Rick’s undergraduate degree is from the University of Wisconsin in Madison and he has earned his MBA from Santa Clara University in California.

Rick is an accomplished speaker and has addressed 100’s of Fortune 500 executives at Allen Bradley roundtable sessions as well as technical and marketing experts in the fields of engineering, logistics and distribution at the Georgia Technology Institute.

Jamen Graves
Dr. Jamen Graves received his Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Alliant International University in 1999.Jamen Graves He is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Organizational Development/Human Resources Graduate Program at the University of San Francisco, where he teaches organizational behavior, advanced statistics, and special projects at the graduate level.

Dr. Graves received the Scott Myers Award for Professional Practice in 2000 for his contributions in the area of personnel selection for the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Controller Test Battery. His research has focused primarily on investigating the merits of emotional intelligence as a selection tool vis-à-vis traditional cognitive ability tests as well as examining the effects of nontraditional and traditional learning methods on speed of recall, retention, and performance.

Dr. Graves has extensive experience as both an internal and external consultant helping public and private sector organizations in the areas of selection, organizational culture and change, restructuring, survey design and implementation, training and development, performance management, and telecommuting.

Dr. Graves is also passionate about the arts and serves as a board member of the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.

Jennifer M. Verive
Jennifer M. Verive, Ph.D., is one of White Rabbit Virtual’s founders and the company’s chief executive officer. An Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with more than ten years’ experience in her field, Jennifer M. Verive Dr. Verive is a passionate telework educator and advocate, with a focus on helping individuals and companies develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to work effectively in the virtual workplace. At White Rabbit Virtual, Inc., Dr. Verive directs a variety of research programs and develops scientifically based training programs to help organizations improve the performance of all types of remote and mobile workers and their managers.

In addition to leading White Rabbit Virtual, Jennifer serves on the Telework Advisory Board for WorldatWork, where she directed ITAC’s comprehensive 2005 research and report on Exploring Telework as a Business Continuity Strategy: A Guide to Getting Started. Jennifer also served as president of BATA, the Bay Area Telework Association before moving to Nevada. She recently founded FlexWork Nevada, a pilot organization dedicated to improving flexwork awareness in a state facing significant growth challenges.

A seasoned researcher, Dr. Verive has written white papers and published articles in peer-reviewed journals such as Intelligence and the Journal of Counseling Psychology, as well as other professional and popular flexwork publications. Recently, Jennifer has investigated the topics of measuring telework ROI, assessing the impact of telework on dependent care, and evaluating the effectiveness of formal vs. informal telework programs.

Allan Milham
Allan Milham is a Professional Coach and President of Partnergize, Inc., a transition and performance coaching firm in Scottsdale, Arizona.

He is a Certified Professional Coach with more than 20 years experience in the training and development Allan Milham of individuals.

He has a Master’s degree in counseling psychology and holistic health. He is an active member of the International Coaches Federation, Professional Coaches and Mentors Association and The National Speakers Association.

His experience includes eight years with Marriott International in Hotel Operations, Sales and Marketing and five years assisting top performers in career transition with one of the world’s leading career transition firms, Drake Beam Morin as a Consultant in their San Francisco office.

He is the author of Empathy: Connecting with the Customer due to be released in Fall of 2002 by Williams James Press.

Allan’s latest work includes looking at the “deliberate choices” we make in our lives. His approach is holistic, results-oriented and designed to have top performers creating from deliberate choice in their lives.

Jim Goodenough
Jim Goodenough is the owner of Goodenough Website Services. Jim Goodenough He works with business owners to develop websites that market their businesses. Jim creates new website designs, maintains existing sites, and writes custom scripts for web applications such as databases and questionnaires.

Prior to creating his Website Development Company, Jim was an Engineer and Engineering Manager and Hewlett Packard and Agilent Technologies. Jim graduated from Stanford University in 1981 with a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering.

Robert Brown
Robert Brown has been implementing flexwork programs with TAG for six years in the Atlanta, Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. areas. Robert has worked as an organizational development consultant, strategic planner and facilitator for the past 14 years in the nonprofit, corporate, and government sectors. He is skilled at helping groups meet their potential and keeping their sense of humor. He believes that the process of improving an organization is really about acquiring a new way to learn.

Robert has conducted sessions for as many as 5000 people. He has designed management-training programs, formulated group decision-making strategies and designed train-the-trainer programs. Moreover, he has an accomplished background in Total Quality Management (TQM), facilitation, Situational Leadership, and methods of evaluation. He has worked with groups in the U.S. as well as in Switzerland and in Russia.

Robert has consulted with Safe Kids, National CASA, The American Bar Association, Hall County Fire Department, Ohio State University Medical Center, Boeing North America and the Caterpillar Company.

Robert Brown has a Masters in Adult Education from the Ohio State University. His thesis is an evaluation of a Federal training program.

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